Bio-fuels less green



Biofuels produced from the waste left over from harvested corn are worse than gasoline in terms of carbon emissions, according to a new half-million dollar  study paid for by the federal government and published in the journal Nature Climate Change.

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Privacy and Security was 2013 Hot Topic

Because of the attention given to revelations of the National Security Agency’s surveillance programs, Edward Snowden ,was the runner-up Time Person of the Year.
From cyber threats by nation-states to data breaches at retailers exposing millions of payment cards, 2013 was filled with privacy and security threats.

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AAPL stock broken?


Investors dropped Apple stock ( AAPL ) after hearing of dissapointing earnings.

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Amazon to collect sales tax in Texas

On Sunday, July 1st, Amazon begins collecting sales tax in Texas.

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Supreme Court upholds health care reform

Buy health insurance coverage or else pay a tax penalty…

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Summer sunshine

Sunflower against the sky. Hot summer sun.

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Happy Mother’s Day

Mother dove and baby in nest.

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Taunte Sue

Savings Bonds

Tante Sue de Mamou

Sue Vasseur (aka Taunte Sue de Mamou) is finished working the crowd at Fred’s Lounge in Mamou according to local reports . The regulars will miss Taunte Sue and her HOT DAMN cinnamon schnapps…

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Bond bubble?

Savings Bonds

Stock photo of Savings Bonds

Have bonds reached their top? Are interest rates going up from here?

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Safe to Swim in Gulf of Mexico?

Girl standing on beach with inflatable ring around waist

If there are no visible signs of oil on the beach  and no tar balls or oil in the water… is it safe to swim?

Florida beach conditions are reported by the Department of Health.

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